rT “Life is a picture, so paint it well!” rT


Born in 1978, Tom Richartz is a transdisciplinary artist & polymath currently living and working in northern Luxembourg. rT
Self-taught in painting and photography from a very young age, it is only with the upcoming of the internet and the discovery of CAD (computer-aided design) that he became interested in computers and new technologies. Soon he makes his first commissioned projects in graphic design (logos, flyers, menu cards, posters, publishing projects …). He passes his high-school exams while cashing the award for the best student in Design awarded by the Association of art teachers in secondary education.

After high-school, he passes a first degree in visual communication at CREAPOLE in Paris where he graduates in 1 year from a 3 year program. Paris is also the city where he first gets in touch with street art, particularly through artists like Space Invader and Banksy. He memes his first projects under his pseudonym Spaceboy since 1999, mainly putting up stickers & stencils during his multiple trips & travels.

Nevertheless he quits a promising career in the city of love’s design world to work as a freelance graphic designer & photographer in order to fully live his newly discovered passion for skydiving. Da Vinci already knew about the addictive potential of flying : “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

Registering as a high-level athlete, he resumes studies in fine arts at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, while launching Freak-Wear™, his own brand of t-shirts, and working as a skydiving instructor & load organizer in close collaboration with various drop zones around Europe.

Art school drop out

Shortly before supporting his master thesis, he decides to be pissed about the art world in general and the development of the art market(the main subject of his thesis) in particular and quits artistic creation to go jump out of planes & off cliffs. For a long time he refuses to create tangible and therefore tradable pieces of art. During this period he limits his artistic interventions to purely conceptual achievements, often anonymous & socially engaged, and usually involving information and communication technology.

In the art of human flight he takes a stance at freefly & atmonauti photo- & videography. He also keeps in touch with the art world by teaching fine arts, art history and handicrafts at his former high-school.

After 11 years on planet Skydive, suffering the consequences of an accident, he stops professional skydiving in 2010 and becomes depressed. rT

Since, he settled down in Luxembourg’s Ardennes, renovating an ancient brewmill. Landscaping & farming his small piece of agricultural land has become one of his major preoccupations. During some psychotic moments, he even makes art again.